Apr 29 2019

Remember no means no.


If you want something that your escorts is unwilling to go for, even if you have been led to believe it would be available to you… Back off as soon as she says no! An escort, just like any woman, always has the right to say no at any time and that must be respected.


Always treat escorts with respect.

Money buys you some time with an escort… The right attitude buys you a great time with an escorts! Be a gentleman. Treat the lady as you would like to be treated. She is a human being, not an object. Never think, because you are paying, you can be rude and nasty. Always be respectful, kind, caring, and sensitive. Escorts care very much how you speak to them and behave around them. Treat the lady like the lady she is and she will respond positively. Being nice costs no more, but it will get you a free upgrade!


Don’t overstay your time.

You are entitled to the time you have paid for, and most escorts don’t mind clients taking a few extra minutes, or having a quick shower after the appointment, but be fair. Some Escorts work to a tight schedule which is easily messed up if clients overstay.


Don’t get too personal.

Don’t expect your escort to tell you her life history or innermost secrets. Detailed personal questions are a no-no. Don’t ask unless you are looking for a very cool reception! And don’t fall in love or try to make your relationship with an escort more than business!


Gifts, tips and saying thanks.

Clients are not expected to bring a gift or leave a tip. However a small gift, like chocolates or flowers, can get an encounter off to an extra good start. If you feel I have provided a good service always remember to say thank you, and leave a small tip only if you want to.