Apr 29 2019

Make sure your place is welcoming if you’re gettin

Ensure your Escort has clear directions to your home or hotel room and it is clean and tidy when she arrives, paying special attention to the bedroom and bathroom. Offer her a drink, preferably from a sealed bottle, or a can.


Don’t turn up hammered.

Have a drink beforehand to calm your nerves if you like, but ten pints of Stella Artois is not a good idea. Most escorts will turn drunken clients away, for their own safety, not to mention alcohol breath is a turn-off and brewer’s drop may affect your ability to perform!


Don’t try to barter and expect to pay cash up front.

You should have the exact fee in cash, pre-counted in an envelope. Be ready to hand it to the escort or place it on a table that’s easily seen at the beginning of the date.


Get off to a good start.

Once you have met, the lady may want to make a brief call to confirm she has met you and all is OK. After that, just relax and chat with your escort for a few minutes. Don’t be pushy or grabby. Let her guide the session at her pace. Everything in good time!