Apr 29 2019

Declare any health issues you have.

Mention any health issues you have when booking in case they are a problem. It is only fair to do so, and for health and safety reasons escorts have to be especially careful of viruses, cold sores, cuts, scars, sores or anything that could be infectious.


Don’t worry if you’re not a stud.

 Some clients fear that escorts will mind that they are overweight, inexperienced, short, not well-endowed etc. Don’t worry. Riga Escorts don’t worry about things like this. Cleanliness and respectfulness is all that is really important to escorts.


The cleaner the client, the dirtier the service.

The importance of hygiene cannot be overstated. You cannot expect intimacy, if you are not 100% clean. Have a shower, paying particular attention to your private parts (penis, scrotum and bum), clean your teeth, scrub under your nails and shave. You can go easy on the colone! Put on clean underwear and carry mints for fresh breath. Be prepared, even if you’ve done all this, your escort may still ask you to shower when she meets you. Don’t be offended. Some escorts insist all clients shower at the beginning of an appointment.


Be on time and discreet.

If you are visiting the escort, listen to her directions carefully, and ensure you are on time… Not early, not late! If you are unavoidably delayed, call to let her know. Do not walk into the lobby talking on the phone loudly repeating the room or apartment number!